The 2016 BMW M4, Reigniting the Spirit to Drive.


Finding a car that excites these days is harder than it seems unless it’s a BMW. The new BMW M4 captures the true driving passion, from the first glance and first drive until the moment you lock the car. Featuring signature BMW design elements, a spunky, hyped up six cylinder engine, and an energetic and action-packed drive, the 2016 BMW M4 is a car that begs to be driven.



The exterior design of the M4 is a car like no other, with beautiful lines that scream power and perfection. The M4 sports the M heritage through and through, ranging from the signature athletic lines that run front to back, to aggressively designed silhouette. Every detail screams power from the muscular and wide stance of the M4 on the road, to the eye catching air inlets.

Following the aerodynamic lines to the rear of the car features four tailpipes, elegantly accented with a carbon fibre diffuser, emits a noise like no other that leaves no doubt who the king of performance is. On and off the track.



The interior reflects the exterior design in terms of looks, performance, and M heritage. With aggressive seats that offer a direct connection between the road, the car and the driver, while maintaining stability, support and comfort. Every button on the steering wheel to the climate control is focused on the driver and within arms reach.

Carbon fibre highlights reduce unnecessary weight while increasing the look of the interior, and ensure anyone who dares to look into the cockpit will leave without a doubt with knowing that the M4 is born to perform.

The Drive


Set up with performance in mind, the M4 makes high energy driving, predictable and more exhilarating. Harness 425 hp at any time out of the TwinPower Turbo 6 cylinder engine, that is always willing to make you smile. No matter where your drive takes you, the M4 is just as delightful to drive.

The Active M Differential ensures that the maximum traction and driving stability is applied when powering around corners and curves, or even just changing lanes. Other features include Launch Control. Adaptive M Suspension that adjusts to driving styles and road conditions, and available carbon ceramic brakes.


The BMW M4 is a car that begs to be taken out to every occasion and it should be. Elegant, yet, sporty lines that please the eye from front to back, as the M4 pay’s respect to the rich heritage of the M family. With a rowdy, yet sophisticated powertrain, mashed together with predictable power and handling that make any trip end in a smile.

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